About Us

We at Fubuki Matcha pay homage to the ancient tradition of the Japanese Tea Ceremony—bringing it to the fore in the modern era celebrating matcha’s virtues, uniqueness, and versatility.

The journey of matcha has evolved from origins deep in China, then by making a journey to Japan through associations with Zen Buddhism.

From these ancient practices, the modern era has recognised the myriad of health benefits associated with matcha. These understandings have provided an explanation for why the Zen Buddhist Monks had such faith in matcha’s abilities to calm the mind and preserve order in one’s life.

Fubuki Matcha has relationships with a number of long-established small farmers working with traditional practices that have advanced through the centuries while staying relevant to modern farming methods. At Fubuki Matcha, we aspire to diversify organic matcha green tea and make it more accessible for today’s lifestyle.

Each grade of matcha has its own uniqueness and purpose for which it is created. We offer our range of exquisite Japanese organic matcha teas; Outstanding Matcha Ceremonial Matcha, Light Ceremonial Matcha, and Culinary Matcha.

Our desire is to provide a matcha epicurean tasting experience and celebrate the little joys and health benefits found in the delicacy of matcha green tea powder.

We invite you to create your own matcha story and be part of the continuing journey of authentic quality matcha and contribute to making the ritual of matcha part of a simple and everyday pleasure.